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2-Pack Reading Max 55% OFF Blue Light Blocking Lens Retro R 2021 model Glasses Strength

2-Pack Reading Blue Light Blocking Glasses Lens Strength Retro R


2-Pack Reading Blue Light Blocking Glasses Lens Strength Retro R


Product description

Our reading glasses frame is aligned comfortably, the lens transmittance is great, the field of vision is clear. The 2-package set comes in black and leopard and the casual frame design makes you look professional and fashionable while working or reading. Suitable for different face shapes and ideal for men and women both. The perfect gift for your friends, parents, grandparents and relatives.


Lens Width: 1.92 inches

Arm Length: 5.5 inches

Lens Height: 1.7 inches

Nose Bridge: 0.62 inches

Single Weight: 0.05 lbs

Colour: Blackamp;Silver、Leopard

The package includes:

Glasses box×1

Glasses cloth×1

Glasses bag×1

Anti-blue light pen×1

Anti-blue light test card×1

Use water to clean the lens. Do not use chemicals such as alcohol or detergent, as this may damage the lens.

If you have any problem, please email us , we will provide the best after-sales service for you.

Product Description

Blue light damage is everywhereBlue light damage is everywhere
Block harmful blue lightBlock harmful blue light

Different blue light has different effects, it is imperative to protect against harmful blue light

Harmful blue light causes vision loss and fundus disease, which is the main reason that the eyes are not. Beneficial blue light has the effect of regulating biological rhythms. Sleep, mood, memory, etc. are all related to it.

2-Pack Reading Blue Light Blocking Glasses Lens Strength Retro R

Ever since the discontinuation of LEGO Castle in 2014, LEGO has lacked a medieval theme of sets for their yearly line-up. This is a real shame, as the LEGO Kingdoms and LEGO Castle sets were always my favorites. I do wonder what Zelda game LEGO would use to create a brand new toy line. They could easily go for a recent game like Link’s Awakening or Breath of the Wild. Something like a Bokoblin Camp could easily make a set….

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Earlier this year, former Nintendo programmer Giles Goddard spoke in an interview about his work in Research & Development (R&D) on Ocarina of Time. Specifically, he discussed a teleportation system he had created, which he described as “…a portal where you could look through, go in, and then you would get teleported to a different part of the map.” The idea of a window that the player could both peer and travel through inevitably drew comparisons to Valve’s popular 2007 puzzler Portal….

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Animator Casey McDonald recently made a short Breath of the Wild-inspired music video for the Glass Animals song “Life Itself.” The “animation meme” depicts the events that occurred in Hyrule prior to the start of Breath of the Wild and was uploaded to McDonald’s YouTube channel, GothFrog earlier this month. Breath of the Wild was McDonald’s first Zelda game and she loved the story, so this video was a way for her to share that appreciation with others. McDonald has…

I’ve been going back and revisiting the Cowboy Bebop anime in preparation for the live-action Netflix take on the story, and I’ve found that while I enjoyed the music in it my first few times through the series, I’ve grown to have a much deeper appreciation for it this go around. I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a jazz fan per se, but I’ve never gone out of my way to listen to jazz tracks or add them to my daily work…

31 unique pieces, each done within a short timeframe. I have completed the Linktober art challenge for my second time, and I feel great! Here’s my last week’s worth of pieces! Day 25: Lens of Truth   This one is a switch up from my norm. I decided to create a meme for the Lens of Truth prompt. Using the lens on the Phantom Ganon painting reveals the truth: it is actually Yer Baby by Ringo Star. Yer Baby is…

Happy Halloween Zelda fans! Get into the spooky mode by celebrating some of the scariest and creepiest dungeons and areas in the Zelda series. We are definitively ranking them to figure out what is the absolute creepiest of them all. From heavy hitters like the Shadow Temple and Arbiters Grounds to lessor known dungeons like Phantom Hourglass’s Ghost Ship or Oracle of Seasons’ Explorer’s Crypt, all the way back to area’s with creepy vibes like Ikana Castle or The Minish…